Black Knight Scabiosa

Black Knight Scabiosa is an annual flower popular for natural dyeing and bundle dyeing.  It grows 12-24” tall with nice long stems that make it great for bouquets. 

The seed is tiny, inside a tiny little covering shaped like a badminton birdie/shuttle.  The seed needs light to germinate, so be careful to cover very lightly with soil, with the seeds on their side.  It may be best to start it in potting soil, to make sure the lightly covered seed doesn’t blow away since it isn’t planted deeply and that it stays moist, but I have had success starting it in the ground as well.  It’s just important, as with all seed, that you keep the seed moist until it germinates. 

These will germinate best as the soil warms up.  Once they start blooming, they will likely bloom until killed by frost.  Scabiosa enjoy full sun or a little afternoon shade.  Harvesting will promote more flowers. 

Black Knight Scabiosa is moderately lightfast, but it’s on the lesser side of ‘moderately’ because I label some things with better lightfastness than scabiosa as ‘moderately lightfast’ too. 

The flowers can be used fresh or dried, so you can pick and dry the flowers and save them use later.

Black Knight Scabiosa can give pinks and purples to greens, teals and slate blues and grays.  It is sensitive to pH, and will shift to more pinks and purples with more acidity and blue/grays with a more alkaline dye bath.    

If you ever have a problem with any seed that you get from me, please let me know.  These seeds are grown and harvested in my gardens, and to me, a wasted growing season when a seed or plant does not grow, is something that money can’t replace, so I take it very seriously, if there is a problem.