Ferrous Lactate

Ferrous Lactate is a fairly new mordant that can be used to mordant any fiber.  It can be used on protein/wool fibers or cellulose/plant fibers where you would want to obtain a darker color by the addition of iron. 

This mordant contains iron (ferrous), so it should be used for any fiber that you want to darken, as you normally would by adding iron to the dye bath or using an iron after-bath. This has the iron (ferrous) already mixed in. Adding iron to your natural dye bath, or using an iron after-bath, is used to turn the color of some natural dyes, to gray or black, or a deeper purple or red, or a dark green, depending no the natural dye being used.

Iron is the basis of all shades of gray and black and provides a little higher light and washfastness than with just aluminum mordants. For gray and black shades, it is recommended that you use this in conjunction with a source of tannins.

It is recommended to use this mordant at 1-3% of the weight of the fiber (WOF) you are dyeing. If a higher % is used, the iron may damage protein fibers. This product is soluble in water.

Ferrous Lactate is produced from lactic acid (dairy) and it is actually approved for use in preserved olives and is used as a supplement in various ways. This is not being sold for that. I am only noting these uses, to highlight the general safety of the product, if normal precaution and care and good housekeeping is followed. This is strictly being sold for mordanting fibers.