Goldenrod is probably my favorite source of yellow natural dye. It grows abundantly, so it is easily gathered en masse and it is so very giving with it’s yellow! If you want a bright, big bird, bodaciously sunny yellow, then use goldenrod!

I have heard from natural dyers that are more scientific and who I believe know of which they speak…..that goldenrod should be about, or as, lightfast as Weld… it contains some of the same dye sources.

When dyeing with goldenrod, use the flower ends and take the fiber out of the dye bath when you have achieved the shade you want (knowing of course that it will lighten a little when dried). This way you can easily get a light yellow, brightest yellow……or if you leave the fiber in longer, you will get a darker, older yellow.

Golden rod can be dried for later use, but you will not get that sunny, bright yellow from it. You will definitely get more of a old gold, maize color.

Because goldenrod is so giving with every shade of yellow, and you can dye so much fiber with it……it makes an amazing range of yellows to overdye indigo or saxon blue for an amazing range of teals and greens or any other natural dye stuff that you want to overdye with yellow.