Seneca Red Stalker Flint Corn

Seneca Red Stalker corn is a hard kernel, flint corn good for grinding for corn meal. 

Corn enjoys growing in full sun and can grow in a variety of soils.  Some of the corn stalks and husks from this variety are dark red/burgundy/purple, and some are green.  It bears a beautiful variety of kernel colors.

The husks and cobs give the most color for dyeing.  The stalks do not give as much color.  If you have some cobs that don’t develop as fully, they are still very useful for dyeing! 

The husks and cobs really gave so much color.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was so easy to get a really deep burgundy on wool, and with a little iron added to the pot, it gave a really, deep, dark gray that was so dark, that it was next to black!  I was really impressed.

I originally saw an article about this seed in the Spring 2022 issue of Ply magazine.  The author had gotten a range of pinks, and even purples, as well as burgundies from this seed, and with the addition of iron, grays and maybe even blacks are easily obtained.   Some variations in purples and burgundies may be obtained by dyeing naturally colored gray or tan wools, and trying other modifications.  This past season was my first time growing this corn and trying it, and I didn’t go wild modifying the dye pot to gain a variety of colors, because I first wanted to test the lightfastness.  I did a lightfastness test and I felt that this was moderately lightfast.  Lightfast enough that I would use it for dyeing of yarn for sweaters without worry.  So, this year I will grow this corn again and experiment more with the range of color to be gained from it.   

If you are ever unhappy with seed or any other product you receive from me, please let me know.  Especially with seed, I feel that if the seed should not produce well, the waste of the growing season is the biggest shame and a refund unfortunately cannot make up for that loss of time.